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The main objectives of Eskişehir Technology Development Zone can be listed as follows:
• to produce technological knowledge to make the national industry internationally competitive and re-structuring it positioned to be capable to export,
• to develop innovation in product and production methodology, to increase product quality and standards, to increase the efficiency, to reduce the production costs,
• to commercialize the technological knowledge,
• to support technology-intensive production and entrepreneurship,
• to provide the adaptation of the SMEs to the new and advanced technologies,
• to create investment opportunities in technology-intensive areas, to facilitate technology transfer,
• to cooperate with the universities, research institutions and organizations, and the production sector,
• to provide necessary technological infrastructure that will accelerate the inflow of foreign capital for high/advanced technology,
• to increase our technological product exports per capita.
The long-term goal of the Eskişehir Technology Development Zone is to employ 5.000 qualified R&D personnel in approximately 300 R&D companies and to create an added value of 500 million dollars annually. It is aimed to produce “light in weight but heavy in value” goods (products), to increase the diversity of these goods and to produce technologies and innovations to be prominent in global markets.
Obviously, the Zone where the institutions with a sufficient number of qualified personnel and academic staff producing above the technology level of our country are located will become one of the exemplary centres of our country by experiencing a transformation with such a model that activates incentive mechanisms. As it is known, Eskişehir has a privileged position thanks to its advanced industry, high export rate, companies specialized in producing new and advanced technologies, qualified personnel and three universities located in the city. This position of the city will be further strengthened with Eskişehir Technology Development Zone.
Eskişehir Technology Development Zone is available to;
• Industry-based entrepreneurs
• University-based entrepreneurs
• Domestic and foreign R&D companies
• Individuals, having an idea to create a new product but cannot find an R&D environment for carrying out their technological works.
In the Zone, it is aimed to produce R&D-oriented innovative products that can compete in the international market with a high export chance.
The main sectors in ETDZ are;
• Computer and Information Technologies
• Software and Hardware
• Communication
• Animation
• Biotechnology
• Defence and Aviation
• Ceramic and Composite materials
• Other areas where companies can carry out all kinds of R&D activities and produce high value-added products.