Application Process

  • After you fill out the forms that you will download from the "application" tab of our website, all pages of the forms should be signed by the persons authorized to sign the company and sealed with the company stamp, and then all application documents (4 printed copies and 1 CD copy) should be submitted to ATAP Inc. The documents required to be submitted by entrepreneur candidates who will apply to Eskişehir Technology Development Zone (ETDZ) for the first time and by entrepreneurs who are currently operating in the Zone differs.r.

  • By making an application, you declare that the information you have provided in the forms and its annex is correct and complete, except for those that contain forward-looking expectations, intentions, or estimations. If the provided information is determined to be inaccurate or incomplete after signing the contract, the ETDZ Board of Directors has the authority and right to terminate your contract.

  • After filling out the application form, all kinds of documents, including the brochure and promotional After filling out the application form, you should attach into it all kinds of documents, including the brochure and promotional catalogue describing your company and projects in detail. In addition, please add the information regarding project management plan, timing, job descriptions and resource allocation related to projects that you will carry on ETDZ. The scope and detail of the information you provide will be effective and important in your admission to ETDZ.

You can apply from the links below.