Conditions for Admission to the Zone

1.The companies, which will locate and operate in the ETDZ, shall possess the qualifications that may increase the technological and economic competitiveness of Turkey and our region in the international arena, and to this end, shall carry out R&D activities in accordance with the qualifications described in the 5th article of the Technology Development Zones Implementation Regulation.

2.Applicant companies’ allocated budget, technical infrastructure, and number of qualified researchers for R&D activities and also the support they will receive from universities will be taken into consideration as criteria in the evaluation. The physical space requested by the applicant companies and the number of researchers they will employ shall be consistent with the activities in force.

3.The organizations and units that operate within ETDZ are not allowed to carry out mass production, but are eligible only for the manufacture at the level of prototype development and pilot production, as well as for limited production dependent on R&D.

4.The institutions and units that operate within ETDZ shall not pollute environment in their activities. To this end, the factors that have the likelihood of creating air, water, soil, noise, and visual pollution, and also activities that may have radioactive and / or electromagnetic effects on the environment must comply with all conditions stipulated by the Technology Development Zones Implementation Regulation.

5.The activities that may increase the vehicular traffic within ETDZ are not allowed in the areas allocated for the use of organizations and units.

6.The compliance of the activities carried out by the companies in ETDZ with the principles of admission to ETDZ and with the relevant Laws, Regulations and Notifications is audited. When necessary, companies are warned by ATAP Inc. In cases where the necessary actions are not taken regarding warnings, the contracts of the relevant companies are terminated.

7.Companies are deemed to have accepted and committed to these conditions by making application to ETDZ.