Eskişehir Chamber of Industry


Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ECI) was established in 1968 pursuant to the Law No. 5174 by separating from the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry to deal with the problems of the industry more closely and to accelerate the industrialization in the province.

Apart from its public identity gained by being established based on a law, it is a professional institution that represents the private sector in every platform. Since the first day of its establishment, the ECI has brought up the problems of provincial and regional industry to the agenda, offered solutions, and become one of the leading chambers in our country with its efforts to call public attention to the importance of industrialisation.

The number of members of the ECI, which was 85 in the first years of its establishment, has currently reached approximately 900 companies operating in various sectors. Member companies continue their works in 16 different professional committees.

The ECI, within the framework of rights and obligations granted by the relevant law, supports the activities of the industrial sector it represents and deals with issues concerning industrial development of the country. It also continues its activities with the awareness of being a non-governmental organization bearing responsibility towards the society.