Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone


As a result of the planned implementation of environment conscious industrial investments and modern urbanisation, the establishment of the Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOIZ) was initiated in 1969 under the leadership of the Eskisehir Chamber of Industry. The OIZ area, which was planned as 1 million square meters in the first stage, was put into service of investors in 1973. Due to the large demand to the plots on the EOIZ, an additional area of 2 million square meters was incorporated into the Zone in 1979, and the area was expanded a total area of 3 million square meters. In 1992, the total area reached 21 million square meters due to further expansion. As the industrialization in Eskişehir gained momentum in recent years, it was decided to expand the Zone, namely, the area of EOIZ was expanded to 32 million square meters at the end of 1996. The total area of the Zone reached 32,406,000 square meters in 2018.

One of the most prominent milestones in the historical development of the OIZ area is initiating construction of "Science Park" in 1997. The "Eskişehir Technology Development Zone" within this area was legally established with the decision of the Council of Ministers on the "Determination of Some Areas as Technology Development Zones No. 2003/5390" published in the Official Gazette dated 10 April 2003. The first Piramit building in 2004 and the second Piramit building in 2005, and the Yazılımkule building in 2008, were put into service. Hence, the facilities where companies that would make significant contributions to the scientific and technological development of industry of both Eskişehir and Turkey, were operationalised.

Another important investment in the Zone is the "Natural Gas Power Plant", which became operational in 1998. The power plant, the first unit of which has a power of 40 MW, meets the electricity needs of all establishments in the OIZ uninterruptedly and regularly. The second unit of the power plant is the "Steam Turbine with 20 MW power" investment was commissioned in the first half of 2001.

Aiming to create a different opportunity for SMEs in 2005, EOIZ initiated to put an area of 550 thousand square meters into the service of small and medium-sized industrialists. A total of 98 companies are located in this area named SME-OIZ which has a plot area of 350 thousand square meters.

Within the framework of the development of EOIZ, the "Logistics Centre", which is the only example in Turkey and offers logistics services, was put into service at the beginning of 2004, and the "Business and Trade Centre", which was planned to be a centre for other service sectors in the Zone, was put into service at the end of 2004.

A Wastewater Treatment Plant was established on an area of 70,000 square meters to collect the domestic and industrial wastewater of the companies operating in the Zone and was operationalised in 2008. The facility also supports eco-friendly production with an Accredited Laboratory. Due to the enlargement works carried out in 2018, its capacity was increased to 36 thousand cubic meters. The Wastewater Treatment Facility Treatment Sludge Drying Facility, the construction of which was started in 2015, was also put into operation in 2016.

In addition, EOIZ provides companies with uninterrupted and high-speed internet access with fibre optic cable connection.